Working Capital Loan

Boost your business’s day-to-day financial health with our Working Capital solutions, designed to bridge cash flow gaps and fuel your operational needs.

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Equipment Financing

Invest in the latest equipment without the upfront cost burden. Our Equipment Financing options offer flexible terms to keep your business technologically advanced and competitive.

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Business Line of Credit

Access funds as and when you need them with our Business Line of Credit, offering the ultimate flexibility to manage cash flow and tackle unexpected expenses.

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Merchant Cash Advance

Leverage your future sales for instant capital infusion. Our Merchant Cash Advance provides a straightforward funding solution to amplify your business’s growth trajectory.

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Invoice Factoring

Transform your unpaid invoices into immediate working capital. Our Invoice Factoring service ensures smoother cash flow management, freeing you to focus on business expansion.

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Business Term Loan

Plan for the long haul with our Business Term Loans, offering substantial funding with structured repayment terms, ideal for supporting major investments and sustained growth initiatives.

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Does my business qualify for funding?

Credit ScoreAt least 550
Time in Business6 months or greater
Revenue$10,000+ per month
CollateralNot required
Purpose of FundsAny business purpose

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are working capital loans and how can they benefit my business?

Working capital loans provide funds to cover daily business operations, helping manage cash flow, especially during low-revenue periods, ensuring your business runs smoothly.

How does equipment financing work?

Equipment financing is a loan option for purchasing necessary business equipment. It allows you to buy equipment immediately, usually with the equipment itself as collateral.

What advantages does a business line of credit offer?

A business line of credit provides flexible access to funds, ideal for managing cash flow or unexpected expenses, with the benefit of paying interest only on the amount used.

What is a merchant cash advance and how is it structured?

A merchant cash advance gives you upfront cash in exchange for a portion of future sales, typically repaid through daily credit card sales, suitable for businesses with high card transaction volumes.

How can invoice factoring improve my business cash flow?

Invoice factoring converts your accounts receivable into immediate cash, enhancing your cash flow and reducing the waiting time for customer payments.

What are the terms of business term loans?

Business term loans are provided with fixed repayment schedules and are suited for long-term investments like business expansion or major equipment purchases.

Can new businesses apply for these funding options?

Yes, new businesses can apply, although eligibility and terms may vary based on business potential, market analysis, and owner’s credit history.

Are there any specific industries that benefit most from your funding options?

Our funding options are versatile, benefiting a wide range of industries, from retail and service-based to manufacturing and technology sectors.

How do I choose the right funding option for my business?

The right funding option depends on your business needs, financial health, and long-term goals. Consulting with our financial experts can help identify the most suitable choice.

What is the application process for these loans and advances?

The application process typically involves submitting a business profile, financial statements, and a credit report. Approval times vary by product, with some options offering quick access to funds.

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